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Dec 31, 2012 4:00am EST
. >> optimistic yesterday, but we don't yet see an agreement. now the pressure is on congress to produce. if they don't, what i've said is that in the senate, we should go ahead and introduce legislation that would make sure middle class taxes stay where they are and there should be an up or down vote. everybody should have a right to vote on that. if republicans don't like it, they can vote no. but i actually think there's a majority support for making sure the middle class families are held harmless. >> if you go over to cliff, what's the impact on the markets which have been pretty confident now it would get done? >> it's hard to speculate on the market, but obviously, i think business and investors will feel more negative about the economy next year. if you look at projections of 2013, people generally felt the economy would continue to grow, housing would continue to improve, but what's been holding us back is the dysfunction here in washington. and if, you know, people start seeing that on january 1st this problem still hasn't been solved, that we haven't seen the deficit reduction
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am EST
government securities and investments in the federal employee pension funds. those don't sound like good practices going forward. president obama meanwhile arrives back in washington after cutting short his christmas vacation in hawaii. congress is back in town, but little progress was made over the holiday to avoid the fiscal cliff and no talks have been set. the senate is due in session today, but the house has no plans to reconvene. last week, house speaker john boehner said it was up to the house to act on extending unemployment benefits. as we work through all of this, we are happy to be joined by allen capper, head of credit strategy at lloyd's for the hour. welcome back. i guess we're still shaking off the christmas turkey tryptophan, i guess they call it, and yet it feels as though it's groundhog's day. >> yes. you say shaking off the christmas blues and we're shaking still waiting to hear what happened with this fiscal cliff. we knew they would take it to the wire. there's no surprises. what concerns me, this may stretch on until january. now, this is not the first time we've be
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am EST
to the housing market recovery. >> yeah. today also a big day for returns, i don't know if you got gifts and are planning on taking time off later to be able to swap them back. michael, how does the return situation impact the numbers that we see? we're going to have a lot of people going to the malls, right? a couple of thing will happen. one, they'll be returning items. you may get even exchanges there. i wonder if they're going to be spending more because they're out and about with their families. and also you have the issue of the gift cards because that -- the retail, the revenue from the gift cards is going to be booked once those gift cards are actually used. so how do these few days after christmas impact the numbers? >> well, first of all, i'm not returning anything. so anyone -- anyone gave me anything for christmas, don't worry. i love it. but in terms of gift card sales, you're absolutely right on the accounting on that. the late season storm, big blizzard that came across northern regions of the country, that may have stimulated additional gift card purchases. that tends to
Dec 28, 2012 4:00am EST
cliff agreement reached we could see a gold play and if we don't see a fiscal cliff agreement reached, gold could see a buy. >> when you look at this income theme, which we think is still very important and for next year a secondary income theme, growing dividends, second commercial property, it has a lot of competition to do. we still own it. we've trimmed it. it's still a bit of a mixed message of gold. >> yeah. i think another role of gold is as an inflation hedge. and there i think the outlook is pretty negative, actually. because inflation is going to pick up and make gold a good investment. inflation, given all these weak economies in the world does not look likely to pick up. and that should reduce demand for gold. even the fiscal cliff, if the outcome of the fiscal cliff is a bit more austerity in the u.s., that should drive down inflation. >> we've seen a portfolio structure adding gold in that 12-year period. if you start to remove some of these buyers from the market such as a coutts, will the buying from central banks be enough to support the loss of that investor class? i
Dec 24, 2012 5:00am EST
. >> and deciding then at the last minute i don't want to sit in my positions if we aren't seeing any type of agreement between bainer and obama. by the looks of things, we might not be. but it's christmas. >> i know it is christmas. >> are you doing anything special? >> i'm actually prep ago turkey later today. i've got the rochini mushroom basting. >> i'll be over at your place in about three or four hours. >> it might take me a little longer than that. >> you never know. in denmark, it's our christmas eve tonight. >> so tell me, are you cooking today? >> i'm not. we're going to be with friends. we're going to have a fantastic dinner tonight. i was with the family over the weekend. loads of snow. almost got snowed in in denmark last night. >> a white christmas. >> super white christmas. gnomes are everywhere. the little guys out under the trees. >>> the deadline to avoid the fiscal cliff is just a week ago. on fri, president obama said he still hoped to work out a deal to keep taxes for 98% of americans from going up on the first of january. but both sides aren't talking and congress is
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5